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In 2017, the Customs early announces the statistical data
This is a remarkable point relating to the announcement of statistical data of import-export goods of Vietnam made by the General Department of Customs for 2017.
 Accordingly, in 2017, the data (import-export) of the first monthly period will be announced right after 2 working days after the end of the period (2016 and earlier, usually after 5 days) and the data of the second monthly period and the data of the whole month will be released 5 working days after the end of the period (15 days previously).

Another new point in 2017 is that the General Department of Customs issued provisionson time to popularize the “Statistical list of import-export goods under mode of transport” including the official data of 2016 and the preliminary data and the official data in each period of 2017 (the statistics according to mode of transport have been implemented since 2015).

It is acknowledged that, 2017 is the fifth year that the General Department of Customs has built the schedule to announce the statistical information. The implementation in accordance with theschedule of statistical information disclosure is ensured on the publicity,transparency and accuracy, method of statistical information announcement; the right to equal access to statistical information of organizations and individuals for general information; and the quicktransferof statistical information to users.

The schedule of information disclosure in 2017 specifies the time to issue the information of import-export goods in 2017 such as: periodic and monthly list, and periodic and monthly analysis. Besides, the schedule also regulates the time to announce adjusted data in the first 6 months of 2017 and official data of 2017.

The organizations and individuals using the statistical information will be based on the schedule of information disclosure of the General Department of Customs to proactively exploit the statistical data. Presently, the General Department of Customs announces the data in 3 categories (preliminary, adjusted and official) .The estimated statistical data is only for report.

The users of information will access the Customs statistics page on the Customs E-Portal as follow: at the “Statistics/Periodic data” for detail.

On 4 January 2017, talking with a Customs reporter, Deputy Director of Customs IT and Statistics Department (the General Department of Customs) Phan Sinh stated that: the early announcement of the Customs statistical data is an effort to improve the quality of public services for people and business. In order to implement the early information disclosure in 2017, it is required that the functional units of the Department have to continue to try more in performing the operational activities and ensuring the stability of the IT infrastructure system.